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Expert opinions for companies

Concerning the food law, I like to support the departments of regulatory affairs, science and development. As an officially licensed and sworn expert, I have experience in checking ingredients and obligatory texts, permission of health claims, making up expert opinions for authorities, assessment of products (due dilgence project) or answering to complaints of competitors.

Some examples:

  • Lycopene for the dietary treatment of prostate disorders – is there a chance to get the official approval?
  • Are the ingredients permitted by the applicable regulations?
  • Is it better to market a product as a food supplement or as a food for special medical purposes?
  • Are the available clinical trials representative for your product and accepted by the authorities to get the approval?
  • Are your planned health claims admitted by the European authority EFSA?
  • Literature research to substantiate a health claim
  • Which documents have to be filled to market a product?
  • Realisation of filling documents for the procedure of approval
  • Realisation of texts (obligatory and mandatory texts, instructions for use), list of ingredients or nutritional information
  • chance/risk profile for products (food supplements, food for special medical purposes) in connection with due diligence

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